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Governor names Elko JP/Muni judge, private attorney to fill two judicial vacancies on 4th Judicial District Court

Governor Brian Sandoval filled two vacancies on the District Court in Elko by naming Nancy Lynn Porter the county’s first woman district judge and also appointing Elko Justice of the Peace and Municipal Court Judge Alvin R. Kacin, III, to a seat on the Fourth Judicial District Court.

Read the announcement from Governor Sandoval’s office: http://gov.nv.gov/news/item/4294973212/

The District Court seats in Elko County became vacant because of the death of District Judge Andrew Puccinelli and the retirement of District Judge Michael Memeo.

Judge Kacin will fill Judge Puccinelli’s Department 2 seat while Ms. Porter will succeed Judge Memeo in Department 1.

The Governor made his appointments from lists of three nominees in each department, who were selected following interviews by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection on November 18 in the Elko County Commission Chambers.

The new judges must run and win in the 2012 election to retain their seats.

Nancy Lynn Porter, 50, is an Elko native who has been an attorney in both Nevada and Oregon since 1987. Ms. Porter worked primarily in family law in the law firm she began in 1993.

Judge Alvin R. Kacin, III, 43, a 17-year Elko resident, has been Elko Justice and Municipal Court judge since 2007. For the prior nine years, Judge Kacin served as an Elko County Deputy District Attorney.

Four attorneys applied for the Department 2 vacancy. The same four plus an additional attorney applied for the Department 1 vacancy. Applicants had to be Nevada attorneys with 10 years of legal experience, two of those in Nevada.

Judge Memeo resigned effective November 1, 2011. He has served nearly 15 years since being elected in 1996 as one of two judges on the District Court bench in Elko County.

Judge Puccinelli, 58, died on August 8, 2011 as he battled cancer. He had served on the bench since being appointed in 2002.

Because the Fourth Judicial District Court has just two judges, senior judges and visiting judges who have been assigned by the Administrative Office of the Courts to sit in the Elko courts will continue to preside until the new appointees take the bench.

The November 18 interview and selection process by the nine-member Commission on Judicial Selection was open to the public, as it has been since 2007.

In selecting the finalists, the Commission considered the applicants’ interviews along with information in comprehensive applications about education, law practice, business involvement, community involvement, and professional and personal conduct. The Commission also considered letters of reference and public statements during the interview process.


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